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The computer network in your organization is the backbone of your technology solution. This network needs to be simple, functional and be cost effective to maintain. When designed properly, a network can be simple to use and add to the efficiency of your organization.

A poorly designed network, however, can amount to constant headaches and failures no matter what systems you plug into it. Much like building a house on a solid steady foundation, if your network is not available and stable the rest of the structure will never be sound.

Assessment of your needs and designing your network

Every business and every client is different. As your trusted Technology Partner, we will assess what the needs are of your particular business and your users. By gathering this information ahead of time, it allows Vision to design and build a solid network infrastructure that will allow for performance and productivity. Understanding that your business needs to allow for growth, we make sure that your network solution is scalable and will allow for growth and additions over time.

Security and your network

In designing your network solution, our project managers always apply best practices to ensure the integrity of your network and the confidentiality of the data in your organization. Secure methods and practices do not have to be expensive or overly complicated – the technology needs to fit the customer and business purpose. Our network design will encompass confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Computer Networking Costs

Cost is always on the minds of business owners and principals. A proper networking solution is not a cost, but an investment. Your network will become one of the most important investments you make in your business because all business functions will rely on it. Our methodology has been proven by our clients that by doing the appropriate due diligence up front during the assessment, it will save time and money down the road. The savings also will show itself in a much lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan of your technology.

In addition to computer networking, we provide a full range of IT services for new businesses and start-ups.


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